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Chen Style Tai Chi (Taijiquan) for health and mobility

A fantastic way to maintain your health through regulating the bodies digestive system, improving circulation and relaxing muscles and tendons. It also improves muscle and cognitive memory, therefore benefiting those that are not as young as they once were. Qi Gong is also good for mental health and de stressing those who have a busy lifestyle and it helps to release the feel-good endorphins.

All ages can however practice Chen style Tai Chi but those who are a bit older will realise that this gentle form of exercise is not initially ballistic and improves movement through strengthening the muscles and loosening the tendons by means of unique Qi gong breathing exercises and slow movements.

Chen style Tai Chi was founded by the Chen family over 400 hundred years ago. It is a traditional martial art with true martial arts applications found within the forms.

Grand Master Chen Zhenglie is the current head of the Chen Family and is recognised as one of the highest-level Masters within the art.

My Sifu(teacher) Grand Master Liming Yue has been accepted as a disciple of Grand Master Chen Zhenglie1998 and achieved 7th Duan Wei Grandmaster officially awarded by China National Wushu Association in 2004. He holds the Head Judge on Chen Style Tai Chi and Honorary Vice-Chairman of Tai Chi Union for Great Britain.

Grand Master Liming is a gentleman, has a good sense of humour and has a wealth of knowledge.

Grand Master Mark Smith has studied various forms of Tai Chi over the years as well as Kung fu 5 animal Style of Hapkun-do under Sifu Dave Lea. Thanks to friend and colleague of Kyusho Jitsu Grand Master Damian Kieran’s I was introduced to Chen and G.M Liming Yue

Although I consider myself a mere novice when it comes to Tai Chi Chen style I have managed successfully to qualify as a level 2 Chen instructor and can teach foundation warm up exercises, breathing, Qi gong, Silk reeling, 8 form, 11, form and 18 form techniques

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