Effortless Self Defence Classes

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Effortless Self Defence Classes

How do you open your front door? 

How do you walk the streets?  

How do you look in the distance for potential threats? 

Do you look for groups together that for some reason split and start ignoring each other (this could be a pre courser to a potential ambush.) 

Looking at potential hazard or ambush area's such as underpasses tunnels and wide-open areas where you could become vulnerable. 

How can we use our surrounding to our advantage?

All these questions and much more will be answered in our effortless self defence system.

If you want to get fit in these classes, forget it.

If you want to build up a sweat, forget it. 

If you want half a chance of learning survival techniques in today's modern world and you want to avoid abuse and sexual assault, if you want to join our friendly academy, with Friendly Trained Instructors, then this is the place for you. 

if you want to learn pressure points within this system you can and pressure points or weak points are an equaliser when it comes to size and strength comparisons.

In this class we generally only take adults but some kids are very grown up these days so with the consent and train with your Mature child this can be possible.

Grand Master 8th Degree Black Belt put this system together from years of experience within the Martial arts and experiences both on the street as well as studying various confrontations and assaults carried out on innocent victims. So, we also look at the psychological events leading up to final assaults.

Think about it, you can either train with no objectives or work your way through our unique grading system and attain a Black Belt.

What do you have to lose from trying out one free lesson to see if this is for you or not?

This class is also assisted by Master David Aarons 4 Degree and Sensei Mat Brenchley 1st Degree

We have also two other Instructors in Scotland that will soon be teaching this system, Sensei Marc Godfree 1st Degree and Sensei Kerry precious 1st Degree.

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