Kick Boxing Classes Basildon

Basildon Kick Boxing,  Jiu-Jitsu, Effortless Self Defence & Little Ninja Classes

Kick Boxing Classes Basildon

Looking for Kick Boxing Classes in, or around the Basildon area?

Kick Boxing came from Karate, it is a mixture of Boxing with Karate Punches and Karate Style Kicks.  This is very good on fitness and again gives you the opportunity to learn in a safe and structured environment.  Working on Pads and sparing along with kicking and punching combinations. this is also a structured program with gradings available up to black belt.

this system is quite unique when it comes to a kick boxing class ad Sensei David Aarons also teaches self defence applications of this system as opposed to ring friendly competition. Sparring is also a part of this syllabus.

Again, our kick boxing class is friendly and fun.

This Class is Taught Master David Aarons and assisted by Sensei Mat Brenchley.

So again, book a free first session and see if you like it or not.

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