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Kyusho Jitsu

Kyusho Jitsu is the ancient art of pressure point fighting.

Literally translated Kyusho means "One Second", and Jitsu means "fighting" so Kyusho Jitsu is One Second Fighting meaning that within the first second of a conflict the control is in the hands of the Kyusho practitioner. This is accomplished by attacking weaker anatomical structures of the human body. A strike to the proper points - in the correct order, angle, and direction - can disorientate, disable, put unconscious or cause death to an attacker. Kyusho should be thought of as a targeting system. It is about learning and understanding the weakness of the human body.

When you start to learn Kyusho the first thing which shocks you is just how weak the human body really is.

Between 1906-1908 Gishin Funakoshi was developing a modern Karate System that could be taught to schools and Collages in order to make the whole country fitter and adverse in the art of fighting whilst retaining all the fitness benefits the comes from Karate training. They also eventually would teach westerners in the art of Karate. But in this period the hidden art of Karate was also removed in order to water down the system so it could be more readily taught to all as a means of fitness without the dangers of serious injury was removed from the system. The deeper meanings of Karate and pressure point fighting was removed along with certain techniques and punching methods that was utilized for the purpose of disabling an opponent whilst fighting on the battlefield.

Through my Sensei Professor Paul Bowman and his Sensei and now my Sensei Professor George Dillman’s research into this art. It has been proven to be hugely advantageous in the modern world in teaching police Humane pressure point fighting for services such as security staff, law enforcement, Door Staff and public services that techniques would be advantageous in a confrontational situation.

So, we now teach instructors the hidden secrets in our Kyushu Jitsu Certification Programme UK

And there are also aspects of pressure point fighting within our effortless Self-defence Class.

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